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I am using delphi 7 and need to uncompress a compressed zip file which contains multiple files, I have found examples of how to unzip a single file using ZLib but cannot find any examples of this with muliple files in the zip, would it be possible for someone to either give me an example or point me in the direction of one



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ZLib <> Zip. ZLib is a generic data compression library, while Zip is a compression and file format library. Just because they both start with Z doesn't make them compatible. :) For working with Zip files, use a Zip library, like Abbrevia (mentioned by @ErikKnowles below). If you want to use ZLib, you'll have to find a library that wraps it with Zip-compatible file I/O anyway, since ZLib knows nothing about Zip headers and multiple files. – Ken White May 16 '12 at 22:14
@Ken Thanks for the info – colin May 18 '12 at 19:54
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If you're having problems with zlib, maybe you might want to consider TurboPower's Abbrevia (available on SourceForge). With Abbrevia, here's our multiple-file extract code:

zip.ArchiveType := atZip ;
zip.ForceType := true ;
zip.OpenArchive({...your .zip archive name});

zip.BaseDirectory :=  {...your extract path...} ;
zip.OnConfirmOverwrite := Overwrite

There's options to handle extraction failure, confirmation of overwrites, etc. It's a pretty nice library to work with, and it's free.

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+1 for the Abbrevia, excellent Zip library. – user1175743 May 16 '12 at 18:16

There is an example in the zlib source distribution on Take a look at contrib/minizip/miniunz.c .

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