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I tried to make some bullets(actually swords/daggers) using FTP FlxWeapon, but some unexpected results was given. This is how I set up the FlxWeapon:

    sword = new BasicSword("Sword", player, "x", "y");
            sword.makeImageBullet(15, BasicSword.SWORD_GIF,5);
            sword.setBulletDirection(FlxWeapon.BULLET_RIGHT, 400);  
    //load FlxControl

        if(FlxG.getPlugin(FlxControl) == null){
            FlxG.addPlugin(new FlxControl);
        FlxControl.player1.setFireButton("X", FlxControlHandler.KEYMODE_PRESSED, 100,;

/*A callback function, to set a proper direction before we fire the sword*/
        public function bulletDirectionCallback():void{

            if(player.facing == FlxObject.RIGHT){
                sword.setBulletDirection(0, 400); //make the bullet move to the right side with velocity of 400.
            else{ //if player is facing the left direction.
                sword.setBulletDirection(180, 400); //make the bullet move to the left side with the velocity of 400.



Important notes: extends and extends FlxWeapon.
There's nothing important in BasicSword & Sword , actually Sword has only the constructer and BasicSword has only SWORD_GIF.
-What I think is working:

1-The callback function.
2-some methods and variables, like: setFireRate() and bulletsFired.
3-The fire button(FlxControl.player1.setFireButton).

-What is not working:
1-The sword is not showing up.

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I solved my bug by putting this codeFlxG.worldBounds.make(0,0,level.width, level.height); after the level is loaded itself because earlier(when I had the bug) I put this code after creating the level object BUT before loading it. so the value of level.width and level.height was 0 and 0.

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