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if you go on you can find there are two "current" flash player plugin version available for windows

  • one for internet explorer
  • one for the other browsers

Normally users need only one version installed (or even zero, if they use Chrome and the shipped version with it)

Unfortunately I have an external plugin that communicate with the browser and It needs explicitly installed the internet explorer plugin, also if the user navigate with Firefox.

For this reason I need to check not only if there is a flash plugin installed, but also if is installed the specified explorer version!

Is there a pure-javascript solution to make this check? ATM I loop over all the plugins in the browser searching for a specifed-name dll, but

  • it's ugly and I'm ashamed to do something like that
  • it's bugged: today I found my check failed, because the adobe-distributed plugin filename changed to from NPSWF32.dll to NPSWF32_11_2_202_235.dll


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