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I wanted to parse the console ouptut using "Log Parser Plugin" . In the documentation details of configuration are provided. When I go to global configuration for my job I do not see any "Console Output Parsing" section where I can mention the path of the Parsing Rules files. Though I can see the Console Output(build log) Parsing section.

Because of this the plugin is not able to find the rules file path and I am getting this error

log-parser plugin ERROR: Cannot parse log: Can't read parsing rules

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In the Console Output Parsing section under Manage Jenkins there is an Add button. Hit this and it will create a new rules section where you can input a description and path to the rules file.

If you do not see the Add button, try a different browser.

Rules added here will then be available to select in the job specific configuration.

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Simple Solution : 1) Place the Parser Rule File(I used .txt file) in the JENKINS_HOME location 2) Configure the global configuration in hudson that link to the parser rule file with a specific name.

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