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I'm trying to extract a blog model and controller out of a Rails app. I have a Rails Engine called Blog and I'm going to mount it on the /blog route of the main app.

In my Blog engine I have a PostsController which has normal CRUD actions. The problem is that I want to use the authentication methods from the main rails app.

# app/controllers/blog/posts_controller.rb
module Blog
  class PostsController < ApplicationController
    # Basically I want to have access to the require_login method
    # from the main app.
    before_filter :require_login, only: [:new, :create]

    def new
      @post = Post.new
      authorize! :create, Post

And I need access to the User model so that I can check for CanCan abilities for authorizations. For example, only admins are allowed to create blog posts.

# app/models/blog/ability.rb
module Blog
  class Ability
    include CanCan::Ability

    def initialize(user)
      user ||= User.new

      # The user.admin? method is defined on the User class
      # from the main rails app.
      if user.admin?
        can [:create, :update], Post

Is there a way to accomplish these things?

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Look how I solved similar problem - stackoverflow.com/questions/10668874/… –  wildDAlex May 20 '12 at 18:00
or this one 2, stackoverflow.com/questions/6845747/… –  westonplatter Aug 11 '12 at 3:33
@wildDAlex or westonplatter - If you're game to recap the solution as your own answer, I'll delete my answer. (See meta.stackexchange.com/questions/90263/… for elaboration of why this is helpful.) Thanks! –  DreadPirateShawn Oct 9 '13 at 16:24

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Copying the answers from the comments in order to remove this question from the "Unanswered" filter:

Look how I solved similar problem - How get Devises current_user method in Rails Engine

~ answer per wildDAlex

or this one 2, How to call a parent app's helper method from a rails 3.1 engine

~ answer per westonplatter

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