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When I run even a sample test, either in Netbeans IDE of from the command line, e.g.:

class WebTest extends PHPUnit_Extensions_Selenium2TestCase
protected function setUp()

public function testTitle()
    $this->assertEquals('Example WWW Page', $this->title());


I get the PHPUnit response, but it doesn't seem to be communication with the Selenium server as no browser window was created.

PHPUnit 3.6.10 by Sebastian Bergmann.

Configuration read from /var/www/gcd/framework/yii/gadget/protected/tests/phpunit.xml


Time: 1 second, Memory: 10.50Mb

There was 1 failure:

1) WebTest::testTitle
Failed asserting that null matches expected 'Example WWW Page'.

Using PHPUnit 3.6.10 and selenium-server-standalone-2.21.0

Anyone any ideas?

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Turns out, if you run PHPUnit with sudo, it works! Doh! –  dmag May 24 '12 at 11:00

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Turns out, if you run PHPUnit with sudo, it works! Doh!

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