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I have been shopping around to find a good company that can do a nice landing page animated video/commercial. A good example is at:


I have gotten into conversations with a couple companies but they all seem to keep their prices ambiguous and prefer to have me start the negotiations. What do this videos generally go for? I'm looking for a ballpark number so I'm not insultingly low but I'm also not paying too much for the product (I understand it can range but I literally have no concept of what that range would be). Thanks for the help.

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It's ambiguous because your brief is loose. For example; I have worked on video projects whereby 40 mins of footage needs to be produced and post-produced (edited&effects) but the price has been less than 15 secs on another job. Take for example; once, for a car brand, we needed to create a cityscape in a particular style the CGI of thousands of buildings, perfect lighting great effects photorealistic finish, famous audio track + rights for advertising. The budget was $400,000 usd for 20 secs of footage. But then I've seen quick jobs where someone talks to camera with simple lighting no rights issues and a logo & fadein at either end cost: $1400 USD for 30 mins of footage

over 15 people worked on the first case for almost a month, on the 2nd only 2 people worked on it for a couple of hours.

you see the predicament?

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Yeah, that's a good explanation. Thanks for taking the time to answer. I actually submitting our job to Elance.com and people came back to me with proposals so I got a ballpark budget on what I could get freelancers for. Obviously working with higher-end production companies would be a different set of numbers. Thanks again. –  MillerMedia May 17 '12 at 22:21
Thanks, it's just like all the other creative-services industries. everyone estimates based on hours. My advice would be to be really specific with the brief as youll be able to pin people to delivering it when they pitch, it's a bitch to see scope run 50% over cos of something that wasnt expressly stated. If the budget is low then record an audio track yourself with a good mic with some library/stock audio/music then find a motion graphics guy who can do great after effects. youll get the most bang for the buck that way. –  Alex May 17 '12 at 22:29
Thanks so much for taking time to explain in detail. I appreciate it! –  MillerMedia May 18 '12 at 18:30

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