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What is the best open-source library to manage X10 devices from Java?

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Check out the Java X10 Project.

You might also want to take a look at HomeRun

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We are working on Freedom, an open source building automation framework developed by University of Trento, DISI Department (Italy) extensible through plugins ( You can use Freedom as backend and develop your own plugins over it without starting from scratch. It's a young project but we like contributors :)

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I'm pretty new to x10.

Right now, i'm using Heyu with a CM11A (under Linux/Ubuntu).

I also have a CM15A but it's harder to use (even if it works).

I've tried domus.Link for the web frontend (still with Heyu as a backend) and it works quite well.

But ... I'm thinking about making my own backend in Java (and my own front-end).

I've just found this (old : 1999) library : Java X10

And this (slightly) updated version : Automation protocol: Java X10 library (bug fixes for J.Peterson's X10 API 1.0.1)

I've too found stuff about xPL (there is a java server implementation) and OpenRemote, but, well, both of them are not so easy to explore (and to see what you can do or canno't do with them).

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Pragmatic Programmer has some information on using lava lamps as build status indicators. That might be worth looking at because it shows the entire setup process.

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