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So I have 4 different types of annotations that show specific pins (i.e. colors). I want to be able to have a segmented control that allows users to show/hide these annotations by type.

Is there a simple way to hide specific annotations on command? Or do I really have to remove, then rebuild the annotations with only the ones I want shown?

This app could potentially have hundreds or thousands of pins, all of which will be 1 of the 4 different types of pins.


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Figured it out.

Basically when creating the annotations, I store them in different arrays (for each type).

//Store Annotation in Array
    [type1Array addObject:annotation];

Then, when my button is pressed to filter them, I use the following:

    [_mapView removeAnnotations:type1Array];
    [_mapView addAnnotations:type2Array];

This seems to work fine and doesnt cause problems with duplicating annotations. I used an NSLog to output the _mapView.annotations.count to verify that the annotations were duplicating.

Hope this helps others!

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Is it better to remove them or hide them? [[_mapView viewForAnnotation:annotation] setHidden:YES]; – lostintranslation Jun 25 '14 at 23:55

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