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Should be a relatively simple question -- I'm trying to add a css class ("quiz-question") to this line:

<%= @question.text  %>

If I add it directly after

<%= @question.text :class => "quiz-question" %>

I get an argument error saying wrong number of arguments (1 of 0), and I've tried separating with a comma or putting the class inside curly brackets. What's the correct way to include here?

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It doesn't work because you're trying to pass an argument to a displayed item.
@question.text isn't a tag, a block, a helper, etc. It's only text. And thus, you can't give it a class.

Why don't you do <span class="quizz-question"><%= @question.text %></span>?

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Ah, thanks for the response. Had tried that with a div before and it hadn't worked for some reason, but this works great. –  Dan May 16 '12 at 19:06

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