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I'm using Jquery's sortable plugin, my question is as follows:

When i'm dragging an element, once I hover a specified element with the one I am dragging, I want a function to be initiated. Remember, not when i hover the element with my mouse, but with the element I am dragging.

Thanks a lot for any help I get with this issue :)

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Bind the event after a sortstart is fired

$( ".selector" ).sortable({
   start: function() { 
      $('#elementThatWillBeHoveredOver').hover(hoverStart, hoverEnd);
   stop: function() { $('#elementThatWillBeHoveredOver').off('hover') }
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nope sorry. two reasons why this doesn't work: 1. I'm draggin an element, so it's anyhow going to be above the element we're trying to hover. 2. I want a function to start when the draggable element hovers the other element and not when the mouse hovers it –  Ilya Karnaukhov May 16 '12 at 18:13
BUMP. Any other ideas? :) –  Ilya Karnaukhov May 17 '12 at 15:00

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