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I am trying to use Tapku and I did exactly as the official instructions say,but whenever I import a .h file, Xcode says it can't find it?

Is there any possible reason for this

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Make sure that a path to their header file is in the "Header Search Paths" for your target in Xcode.

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yes I did that and I tried to add in several ways – oratis May 17 '12 at 2:34

Check your folder name. When you put $(SRCROOT) in the Header Search Paths, it will show you the actual path.

And if there is any space in the folder name, it will cause the problem.

I was almost giving up to add the library, then I tried this method and it worked like charm. :) In my case, my project was under iPhone Apps folder, and I had to change it to iPhoneApps by removing the space.

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