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I have installed Mercurial and BitBucket on my Mac. I created a repository and was able to add files. But I get no username supplied when trying to commit. The solution involved editing the .hgrc file. But this does not exist on my machine. Do I need to create it?

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Yes, you need to create ~/.hgrc. For example, a minimal version that only includes the necessary username:

username = John Doe <jdoe@acme.com>

The value of the username property is free-form text, but the convention is as shown (Full Name <emailaddress>).

As an alternative, you could create/edit .hg/hgrc inside your repository. In that case, the username you set would apply only to that repository. ~/.hgrc is for per-user configuration, while .hg/hgrc inside a repository is for configuration that should apply only to that repository. If a given property exists in both, the value in the repository-specific hgrc overrides the value in the global ~/.hgrc. The syntax is the same regardless. /etc/mercurial/hgrc is for the system-global configuration, but usually not a good place to define the username.

Use man hgrc for more information.

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