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The system I'm working on contains an address book. I am looking for sample code that will synchronize addresses with the current users address book through MAPI. I need two-way sync.

If you know of any open-source library with easy to use functions for this, I'd be glad to hear about it. If you know of a library that is not open-source, well, that is fine too. The best would be a library which license will allow me to use it in our own solution.

And if you, god forbid, know of a library that will make it easy for me to publish my address book in a MAPI provider - well, then I'm dying to hear about it!

Using an external address book and ditching our own is not an option that would serve our customers.

A good, working code sample using vanilla MAPI is of course also acceptable. ;-)

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Zarafa just released their 100% MAPI compatible groupware suite as GPL. Maybe that's useful for you?

EDIT: The link is slashdotted. More info here.

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This is indeed very interesting. But I must refrain from looking at GPL code in this case, unfortunately. – Ludvig A Norin Sep 19 '08 at 22:59

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