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Im trying to compile z/lib on z/OS USS(thats right a mainframe). ive got gmake and the c89 compiler (which im assuming is c89 standards compliant) and USS is supposed to be POSIX compliant.

But zlib seems to be tripping up on

struct internal_state FAR *state; /* not visible by applications */

with the following error(s)

c89 -O3 -DUSE_MMAP -D_XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED=1 -D_POSIX_SOURCE   -c -o example.o example.c
ERROR CCN3277 ./zlib.h:92    Syntax error: possible missing ';' or ','?
ERROR CCN3007 ./zlib.h:92    "struct internal_state" is undefined.
ERROR CCN3166 ./zlib.h:103   Definition of function FAR requires parentheses.
ERROR CCN3276 ./zlib.h:103   Syntax error: possible missing '{'?
ERROR CCN3273 ./zlib.h:124   Missing type in declaration of gz_header.
ERROR CCN3166 ./zlib.h:126   Definition of function gz_header requires parentheses.
ERROR CCN3276 ./zlib.h:126   Syntax error: possible missing '{'?
WARNING CCN3137 ./zlib.h:1346  Declaration must declare at least one declarator, tag, or the members of an enumeration.
ERROR CCN3275 ./zlib.h:1350  Unexpected text z encountered.
ERROR CCN3282 ./zlib.h:1350  The type of the parameters must be specified in a prototype.
ERROR CCN3275 ./example.c:95    Unexpected text file encountered.
ERROR CCN3045 ./example.c:95    Undeclared identifier gzFile.
ERROR CCN3046 ./example.c:96    Syntax error.
ERROR CCN3045 ./example.c:98    Undeclared identifier file.
ERROR CCN3019 ./example.c:523   Expecting an array or a pointer to object type.
ERROR CCN3280 ./example.c:527   Function argument assignment between types "const char*" and "int" is not allowed.
CCN0793(I) Compilation failed for file ./example.c.  Object file not created.
FSUM3065 The COMPILE step ended with return code 12.
FSUM3017 Could not compile example.c. Correct the errors and try again.
gmake: *** [example.o] Error 3

when i progressively take out the FAR * (i think its a far pointer but im really not that sure) the errors go away. But as this is a library, im not sure what other artifacts are going to be produced by removing this.

has anybody got any ideas?

any old mainframe heads out there?

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This is exactly why I dislike C/C++ preprocessor. –  Malcolm Jun 30 '09 at 8:44

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it turns out there is a previous version of zlib that compiles on USS, version 1.1.4 or close to that. Its a back level, but i presume this works because it is before the implementation of the FAR pointer in the latest code. So atm i think ive got it to work.

thanks for all your help.



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FAR is not a C89 keyword, it is a Microsoft/Intelism and is probably #defined somewhere. If not, you need to define it as nothing:

#define FAR

However, this will probably only fix one of many problems. I would guess that the library uses some form of conditional compilation to handle things like FAR pointers - you need to read the docs to find which configuration is most suitabkle for your platform.

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I'd use xlc instead of c89 since xlc is your system default compiler but you'll still probably have issues. I'd subscribe to the MVS-OE email list, the people on it are quite helpful. The link to info about the list appears to be down now so send email to LISTSERV@VM.MARIST.EDU with the message: INFO MVS-OE

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