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I am trying to connect to a Oracle database using UCP with DataDirect JDBC driver for oracle. What is the URL tha tI need to use. I am currently using the following.

<property name="URL" value="jdbc:datadirect:oracle:TNSNamesFile=C:\\Oracle\\11.2.0\\client_1_X64\\network\\admin\\tnsnames.ora;TNSServerName=TESTA"/>

I get the error Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: [DataDirect][Oracle JDBC Driver]A host name must be specified if a port number is specified.

Why do I get this error? Is it possible to use UCP with DataDirect JDBC driver?

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It appears your URL is correct, here is the sample URL from the documentation:


You can go here for more information on connecting to Oracle database using UCP with DataDirect JDBC :

One thing you might try is using a hostname and port number, here's a sample URL:

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