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i went through alot of posts here to see how to export all the comments left on a website from the fb comments social plug in (wordpress site even though doesnt really matter). But I still can't find a clear answer. Is there a definitive answer or try/error? Apparently FQL using xids doesn't work anymore because facebook is using urls now. I know you can go link by link to export them but I am looking for something more automated. I wonder if this will still work

any ideas / help / direction?

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This is how I do it, at the time of the post...

FB.Event.subscribe('comment.create', function (response) {
    var commentQuery = FB.Data.query('SELECT fromid, text FROM comment WHERE post_fbid=\'' + response.commentID + '\' AND object_id IN (SELECT comments_fbid FROM link_stat WHERE url=\'' + response.href + '\')');

    FB.Data.waitOn([commentQuery], function () {
        text = commentQuery.value[0].text;
        fromid = commentQuery.value[0].fromid;

            type: "POST", // form method
            url: "add_fb_comments.php", // destination
            data: "&fromid=" + fromid + "&comment=" + text + "&commentID=" + response.commentID, // data to post
            cache: false

Then in add_fb_comments.php, simply save the details posted there.

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