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The following code is a method that I am calling every time I want to add a row to my tableDocTypes DataGridView. The debug shows that the RowCount is incrementing correctly and all the data passed is correct but once the form displays it only shows the last row. Also the last row that displays is in the row that should be white space so I can't add any new rows since there is no blank cell next to the star. My guess is that I shouldn’t be using tableDocTypes.RowCount - 1 as an index but it appears to be incrementing correctly and I can't find anything else to use. Any information would be helpful.

private void addRowToDocTypeTable(bool docTypeValid, string formName, string formCabinet, string docType)

    if (!docTypeValid)
        // Change color to yellow and display IndexWarning icons
        tableDocTypes.Rows[tableDocTypes.RowCount - 1].Cells[columnDocTypeImage.Index].Value = Properties.Resources.IndexWarning;
        tableDocTypes.Rows[tableDocTypes.RowCount - 1].Cells[columnDocType.Index].Style.BackColor = Color.LightGoldenrodYellow;
        // Index is good so display IndexCorrect and leave line white
        tableDocTypes.Rows[tableDocTypes.RowCount - 1].Cells[columnDocTypeImage.Index].Value = Properties.Resources.IndexCorrect;

    tableDocTypes.Rows[tableDocTypes.RowCount - 1].Cells[columnFormName.Index].Value = formName;
    tableDocTypes.Rows[tableDocTypes.RowCount - 1].Cells[columnFormCabinet.Index].Value = formCabinet;
    tableDocTypes.Rows[tableDocTypes.RowCount - 1].Cells[columnDocType.Index].Value = docType;

    // Assign the rename menue to only the image column
    tableDocTypes.Rows[tableDocTypes.RowCount - 1].Cells[columnDocTypeImage.Index].ContextMenuStrip = menuDocTypeEdit;
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I was able to find the issue. I used tableDocTypes.NewRowIndex - 1 as the index and everything shows correctly now. –  JoBaxter May 16 '12 at 19:34
You might want to use the result of the Add() method instead of tableDocTypes.Rows[tableDocTypes.RowCount - 1] to avoid all that indexing... –  Peter Ritchie May 16 '12 at 19:57

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