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So what I need is basically to create a java program that runs from command line and will continue to run until I decide to stop it. The goal of this program is to read email from a particular email address and create JIRA tickets using the contents of the email.

IE: subject of email will be title. Body will be description. Etc...

I am getting confused with how to go about with the design of how to do this. I know I can use JavaMail to gain access to the emails right? Then I just have to parse the email. But other than that I am a little stuck on how I should be making the JIRA Ticket


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Why not just use JIRA's built-in service for creating issues from email ? See… – gareth_bowles May 16 '12 at 20:28
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Your problem is an ideal use case for like or . Basically these frameworks provide all building blocks you just need to connect.

First you need to define mail inbound. This component will automatically connect to an mail inbox and fetch all new messages.

Then define a transformation from e-mail message to object. Finally POST that object using HTTP outbound. You can create ticket in JIRA using /rest/api/2/issue API method.

whole workflow can be implemented almost without coding. Of course you can do everything manually (using and ), but then threading, error handling and retrying is up to you.

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Cool thanks a lot. I can use mule, but I think I need to do it manually using javamail and httpclient so I will look into how to do it with those more. – Dan May 16 '12 at 19:48

For the future - if you're confused what requests are sent and so on - use Google Chrome.

Press Ctrl+Shift+I->Network and make request. If you need to login before etc. it is the same.

For handling HTTP requests (POST, GET, etc.) I recommend to use HttpClient or if you need to use JavaScript HtmlUnit.

So answer is this: - Track what requests are made when you do certain things via web browser - implements the same in Java code using HttpClient or HtmlUnit

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Thanks for the tip, I will use that for sure – Dan May 16 '12 at 19:48

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