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I have a QuickLook plugin which I have successfully debugged and gotten working under the qlmanage tool. I have added the plugin to my application, at Contents/Library/QuickLook/, and I also tried putting it in /Library/QuickLook. But the OS isn't noticing my plugin.

The Finder doesn't show thumbnails for my files, and qlmanage -m doesn't list anything related to my plugin or file types.

I tried running qlmanage -r to reset the QL cache, and then launching my application to try to get the OS to notice that there's a QL plugin in there.

I have put all the required document type and UTI info in my Info.plist. What could I be missing?

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You might want to check your generator's Info.plist using plutil -lint and my own free InfoPlistChecker.

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Thanks, InfoPlistChecker found my problem. Somehow I ended up with my Imported UTIs entry having the children for document types instead. I corrected that, restarted my Finder, and now I have my thumbnails. – Uncommon May 17 '12 at 16:15

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