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I am trying to execute a command on the server using hubot. This example works for me:

  robot.respond /(cmd)/i, (msg) ->
    doing = spawn 'ls', ['-la']
    doing.stdout.on 'data', (data) ->
      msg.send data.toString()

However, I need to change the folder before I execute the command I want to execute. What I want hubot to run is:

cd /var/folder && some-command

but changing the folder from the hubot script doesn't work.

The executed command has a lot of files loaded based on the folder it resides in so it seems I have to go to this folder.

How can I make hubot execute a command from a specific path?

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is what I was looking for.

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Not familiar with hubot, but have you tried shell command chain something like 'cd /var/folder; some-command'?

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