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The code below deals with connecting to the LInkedIn API via PHP CodeIgniter and worked well for a long time until I added internationalization changing the URLs and adding redirects.

I fixed the URLs so they're unchanged with the exception of /en/ language segment.

After authorizing on LinkedIn I still get undefined index errors, but I see the variables in the link of my browser.

What I don't understand why then $_REQUEST doesn't 'see'either oauth_token or oauth_verifier when they're in the URL?

First Error: Undefined index: oauth_verifier



Code Sample:


    $config['linkedin_access'] = "---";
    $config['linkedin_secret'] = "---";
    $config['base_url']  = site_url('linklogin/initiate/');
    $config['callback_url']  = site_url('linklogin/get_resume_linkedin/');

        # First step is to initialize with your consumer key and secret. We'll use an out-of-band oauth_callback
$linkedin = new LinkedIn($config['linkedin_access'], $config['linkedin_secret'], $config['callback_url'] );
//$linkedin->debug = true;

   if (isset($_REQUEST['oauth_verifier'])){
        $_SESSION['oauth_verifier']     = $_REQUEST['oauth_verifier'];

        $linkedin->request_token    =   unserialize($_SESSION['requestToken']);
        $linkedin->oauth_verifier   =   $_SESSION['oauth_verifier'];

        $_SESSION['oauth_access_token'] = serialize($linkedin->access_token);
        header("Location: " . $config['callback_url']);

        $linkedin->request_token    =   unserialize($_SESSION['requestToken']); 
        $linkedin->oauth_verifier   =   $_SESSION['oauth_verifier'];  //GENERATE INITIAL ERROR
        $linkedin->access_token     =   unserialize($_SESSION['oauth_access_token']);
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session_start() exists? –  Sebas May 16 '12 at 20:04
Yup. I expanded my code sample. –  jsuissa May 16 '12 at 20:11

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I think the problem is not from $_REQUEST but from $_SESSION.

If you look carefully the errors output it says the first error is on


And then indeed, the engine fails as well on


for an unknown reason though but that implies a certainly different issue, (I think)


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Thought about that - but if that was the case -- then wouldn't it go within if (isset($_REQUEST['oauth_verifier'])){ instead of else? –  jsuissa May 16 '12 at 20:22
I see, I don't have the line numbers to actually check this. You confirm that the line 159 is within the else block? –  Sebas May 16 '12 at 20:24
Yup I put a comment next to the specific line because that was my thought before I posted. –  jsuissa May 16 '12 at 20:28

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