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The normal way that I work is to have a small eshell buffer and a larger buffer for the code I'm working on. I use the eshell buffer to do compilation and simple tests.

If I want to do git commits, when I run it this way, I always get a new Emacs window opening up.

How could I get the commit to simply open a new buffer in the current Emacs session?

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I've always just used vc-git to do my commits. Maybe you should try that. –  Jesus Ramos May 16 '12 at 20:27

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My guess is that your environment variable $EDITOR is declared as emacs. Since you're not running Emacs as a daemon, it starts a new instance of it. To remedy this you have two options:

  1. configure your $EDITOR to use Emacsclient

  2. use egg or magit, Git frontends for Emacs.
    Egg has a bit of hand holding, since you can see the shortcuts, but Magit is more actively developed.

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Okay, that's giving me stuff to search. I'll play around a bit. Thanks. –  Vernon May 16 '12 at 20:38
magit is the best from existing clients... –  Alex Ott May 17 '12 at 9:07

You're bananas if you use Emacs, use git, but don't use magit. Bananas I say!

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I've downloaded it and reading the manual. –  Vernon May 17 '12 at 9:00
I like this answer a lot. –  Mittenchops Mar 4 at 14:59

I like all my compilation and git/magit messages to appear in the same window in the same frame that triggered the message.

Check out the vars same-window-regexps and same-window-buffer-names as I think that's what you might be looking for.

Here is the setting I use:

(setq same-window-regexps (quote ("\*vc\-.+\*" "\*magit.+\*" "grep" "\*compilation\*\(\|<[0-9]+>\)" "\*Help\*\(\|<[0-9]+>\)" "\*Shell Command Output\*\(\|<[0-9]+>\)" "\*dictem.*")))

Hope that is helpful.


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