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I get a NullPointerException everytime i run the code. I have the Internet and GPS permissions (ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION, ACCESS_MOCK_LOCATION, & ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION) enabled in the code. I have tried with both emulator and phone, both fails. It is not a problem of unavailable GPS or Internet, AFAIK.

My code snippet:-

public void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState) 
    try {

    mapView = (MapView) findViewById(;
    LinearLayout zoomLayout = (LinearLayout)findViewById(;  
    View zoomView = mapView.getZoomControls(); 

        new LinearLayout.LayoutParams(

    locationManager = (LocationManager) getSystemService(Context.LOCATION_SERVICE);

            new MyLocationListener()

    mc = mapView.getController();
    //        String coordinates[] = {"51.708945", "8.745928"};  //THIS WORKS IF ENABLED
    //        double lat = Double.parseDouble(coordinates[0]);
    //        double lng = Double.parseDouble(coordinates[1]);

    Location location = locationManager.getLastKnownLocation(LocationManager.GPS_PROVIDER);
    double lat = location.getLatitude(); //NULLPOINTER EXCEPTION THROWN HERE
    double lng = location.getLongitude();

    p = new GeoPoint(
        (int) (lat * 1E6), 
        (int) (lng * 1E6)); 

    //---Add a location marker---
    MapOverlay mapOverlay = new MapOverlay();
    List<Overlay> listOfOverlays = mapView.getOverlays();

    } catch (Exception e) {}

It throws NullPointer Exception when i am trying to get the latitude or the longitude. How do I avoid it? The locationManager object does not throw any exception on creation (using getSystemService method) nor does it give any exception when requesting location updates. I can check if the object is null before using it, but i dont understand why does it null at that it worth putting a sleep? would that be the right way of programming? I dont understand why it doesnt work when i try to get the longitude/latitude. Am i doing something wrong?

Problems addressed here, or here or here could not solve my issue. Thank you.

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I would say that mostly likely problem is that the LocationManager doesn't have a last known location so it's returning null. In that case you'll need to wait for a location update to get the position.

-= Update =- Just do this:

public void onLocationChanged(Location location) {
    double lat = location.getLatitude();
    double lng = location.getLongitude();

    p = new GeoPoint(
        (int) (lat * 1E6), 
        (int) (lng * 1E6)); 


Since this is an internal class it has access to all of your Activity members.

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Hi CaseyB. perhaps thats the problem, but it is not allowing me to wait at all, it crashes before it completes launch. How can I wait. – gkris May 16 '12 at 20:46
Right, it's crashing on launch because when you call getLastKnownLocation it's returning null and you're trying to call methods on the null object. What you need to do is add a LocationListener to the LocationManager and get updates from that. – CaseyB May 16 '12 at 20:47
actually I already have a LocationListener, but it is in another class. Here is my whole code. Should I add one more Listener? – gkris May 16 '12 at 20:52
I'm updating my answer. – CaseyB May 16 '12 at 20:55
where do i add this? in the MyLocalListener class or MapOverlay class? Thanks in advance. – gkris May 16 '12 at 21:05

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