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I have read some blog posts and forum entries about trying to implement a QNXApplicationEvent.SWIPE_DOWN listener with the Blackberry AIR SDK to deploy on the Playbook, but somehow none work for me.

I have tried signals:

_swipedDown = newNativeSignal(QNXApplication.qnxApplication, QNXApplicationEvent.SWIPE_DOWN, QNXApplicationEvent);

And I have tried with regular event handlers:

QNXApplication.qnxApplication.addEventListener(QNXApplicationEvent.SWIPE_DOWN, onSwipedDown);

But the handler never traces anything:

private function onSwipedDown(_:QNXApplicationEvent):void
    trace("\n", this, "--- onSwipedDown ---");

The class holding this code extends a Sprite. Anything I should know about?

I also posted my question in the BlackBerry forums:

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Did you set up the proper library linkages for the QNX stuff? – Pixel Elephant May 16 '12 at 23:09
Yes I did, but was using the wrong target with the wrong SDK. The answer was given on the BlackBerry forum. – jansensan May 17 '12 at 20:33

I have tried this link, it works fine in my Application.
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