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How to add class "bottom-post" to the post that is at the very bottom of my wordpress blogroll? I need to style it differently. (I can't use the static ID since the the post and the total number of posts are constantly changing)

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You can add classes to elements with jQuery:


and then style like so:

.bottom-post {
    /* Different styling */

A benefit of this method (compared to using pure css) is that this will apply the class to the element and allow styling even on browsers that don't support the :last-child css selector. I tested this on IE6-8 and it worked in all of them.

The following provides an explanation as to why the :last-child psuedo selector tends to be preferred over :last in this case:

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You could use the CSS pseudo class :last-child to select the last post.

For Example:

    color: red;

Link me to your blog and I'll be able to give a working example.

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