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As far as I know, if all I wanted to do was do "puts" in a console, then I would not be having to ask this question. (However, finally I am asking you all at StackOverflow myself, though I've been visiting for years.)

Here is my issue:

  • I am trying to create a variable which will be "set" to a specific value upon user click
  • I am then trying to display that value after it is changed
  • I can set the value, but it does not get displayed

(Of course, this should work if I am not using Shoes.)

Here is the relevant portion of my code:

class Inits
# Declares all global vars used
  def init1
  def initattrib
    @id = "###"
    @name = "name undef"
    alert("Alert: default attrib set")

  def id
    #alert("Alert: id call")

  def name
    #alert("Alert: name call")

  def id=(newid)
    @id = newid
    #alert("Alert: id set")

  def name=(newname)
    @name = newname
    #alert("Alert: name set")

Then I am trying to call the id and set it as so: :width => 800, :height => 600, :resizable => false do
  currclass =



  id = "123"
  name = "new name"

  # I declare something to click here
  click { = id, = name }

  # Then I try to display it as so:

  # But of course the value is not displayed -- just the default value

... As an aside, I am pretty sure I should be using instance variables and not class variables (@x, not @@x).

Is there some way I can "update on change" ("clock rising edge" is a good analogy) or some other way to call this?

Anyhow, thank you in advance for any advice on what I am not doing correctly. Perhaps there is a misunderstanding.

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The first thing you learn using Shoes: It is a metaprogramming jungle.

Shoes has hooks to default procedures, and I'm sure it has one for Class creation as well so Shoes can add its own wizardry to that Class being specified. Which would mean that a Class - defined outside of - might now work the same as if defined inside

Try moving everything inside block, I had a lot of problems with pieces of code laying outside of (usually scope problems).

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If I understood correctly what you want to do you should do it like that:

class Cos
attr_accessor :co
def initialize(cos)
end :width => 800, :height => 600, :resizable => false do
 @cosik ="ddd")

 button "click" do = "oj"



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