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I am trying to make a tabbar, like the iphone tabbar, where each icon on the bar has a navigation stack, to which a new activity (or I suppose activity opened as a view) is pushed, or popped.

So here's the function, inside my TabActivity class, which is called to change the view between tabs.

public void startGroupActivity(String id, Intent intent)

    View view = activityManager.startActivity(id, intent).getDecorView();
    contentViewLayout.addView(view, contentViewLayoutParams);

What I would like is to be able to use this function when pushing a new activity under the same tab, so that when I click on tab item 1, then click on something to open a new activity under the same tab, I may click back, to see the activity-view that was before it.

Is there any nice way in android to do this? or will I have to manually save and restore the state of the previous activity-views, using onBackPressed overrides?

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It would be better if you clarify more.

For tabActivity http://www.androidhive.info/2011/08/android-tab-layout-tutorial/

accept answer if you like this . else please post your queries.

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