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I want to user this icon in my software. It licensed under GNU\GPL license. I read that if I use some piece of code licensed under this license I must provide my source code to others so they can use it as they want. Is this the same for icons? (I don't want to open my source code.) My software will be free with ads and I won't sell it.

I got this icon as a result of this search for free-commerical-use icons.

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Email the designer and ask them specifically how they intended the license to work in your situation.

There's always so many different interpretations of these licenses, that I believe the original licensor's intention, captured in an email, probably provides the best defence you're ever going to get on any position you take.

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For code specifically, the GPL FAQ says that this is not okay. However, it seems a bit odd that a piece of media would be GPL'd...it seems like something that would be covered by the Creative Commons licensing scheme.

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