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I am modifying this find/replace JS to be able to replace two words at the same time.

My code works except only with the last word I use as show here

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Calling string.replace returns the new string with the replaced text, without modifying the original string itself.

So your code:

replaced = haystackText.replace(...)

is setting the updated text into the variable "replaced", but never updating the variable "haystackText".

Additionally, since you do this:

if (haystackText.length == 0) {
      haystackText = document.getElementById("haystack").innerHTML;

It will only set the haystackText the first time the method is called, but not the second. It doesn't look like you have a need for leaving haystackText as a global variable (outside of the method), so changing this:

 if (haystackText.length == 0) {
      haystackText = document.getElementById("haystack").innerHTML;

to this:

var haystackText = document.getElementById("haystack").innerHTML;

would fix your problem.

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It sure does! Thanks so much! – Aurochs May 16 '12 at 22:42
Please mark my answer as accepted, glad I could help :) – TheDruidsKeeper Jun 4 '12 at 19:47

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