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I'm using knockout js loading a list of jobs from an async service. Each job has a very long list of fields and I'm wondering if it's considered bad practice to store the data as raw json?

function Job(data) {
    var self = this; = data; // is this bad practice?

    this.companyName = data.CompanyName; // should I instead list out all the fields?
    this.jobTitle = data.JobTitle;
    // .. 50 more fields

function JobsViewModel() {
    function getJobs() {
        $.getJSON(myUrl, { myParams }, function(data) {
            var mappedJobs = $.map(JSON.parse(data.value), function(item) { return new Job(item) });

    // initial data load

... // then in my data-bindings
<label data-binding="text: data.CompanyName"></label>
<label data-binding="text: companyName"></label>

The latter is cleaner and more clear, but since I have many fields, I wanted to get some opinions.


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You should look at the knockout mapping plugin. It will generate the properties from your data so you dont have to hand write all of the properties.

The current approach you are using wont update the label when a property changes in the model because your properties are not observable. Using the mapping plugin will fix this as well.

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