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I'm trying to do the following: I want to create a set of candidates by querying each field separately and then adding the top k matches to this set. After I'm done with that, I need to run another query on this candidate set. The way how I implemented it right now is using a QueryWrapperFilter with a BooleanQuery that matches the unique id field of each candidate document. However, this means I have to call IndexSearcher.doc().get("docId") for each candidate document before I can add it to my BooleanQuery, which is the major bottleneck. I'm only loading the docId field via MapFieldSelector("docId).

I wanted to create my own Filter class, but I can't use the internal Lucene doc ids directly, because they are specified per segment. Any thoughts on how to approach this?

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Instead of reading the stored docId, index the field (it probably already is) and use the FieldCache to retrieve docIds much faster. Then instead of using the docIds in a BooleanQuery, try using a TermsFilter or FieldCacheTermsFilter. The latter documentation describes the performance trade-offs.

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I used the FieldCache along with the FieldCacheTermsFilter and things are running now much faster, thanks! – peterparkr May 17 '12 at 18:44

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