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I'm familiar with ASP.NET Membership, Profile, forms auth, etc., as well as OpenId/OAuth. However, I haven't found a great resource on rolling together a really smart, modern OpenId-enabled login and profile system similar to what StackExchange does. Is there a package or template that adds in StackExchange-like authentication and profiles? Ideally, what I'm looking for has these features:

  • NuGet installation into an existing MVC project OR a starter template for MVC
  • Allows authentication with OpenId, FaceBook, Twitter, or in-site with a clean UI
  • Allows associating FaceBook and Twitter OAuth with an existing account that may or may not use OpenId.
  • Allows merging and modifying multiple authentication methods, similar to the way StackOverlow does if you log in with multiple methods.

DotNetOpenAuth comes close, but still relies on a developer to handle the more complex cases of merging logins and associating OAuth tokens with users. It seems like there would be a good base template or package by now that gives you a full modern authentication story fairly quickly.

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Maybe StackId could be useful. It's built on top of DotNetOpenAuth by StackExchange team. You can find its description in the list of StackExcnage open source projects. But it doesn't have Nuget package.

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Looks very promising. I will check this out. – Daniel May 29 '12 at 17:40

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