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Is there a REST Api available for D2L which can be used to make a course inactive?

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If it is an existing course, you can use the PUT method to Update a current course offering and set IsActive to false.

PUT /d2l/api/lp/(D2LVERSION: version)/courses/(D2LID: orgUnitId)

It expects the following JSON object:

    "Name": "<string>",
    "Code": "<string>",
    "StartDate": "<string:UTCDateTime>|null",
    "EndDate": "<string:UTCDateTime>|null",
    "IsActive": "<boolean>"

You will likely want to retrieve the course offering information first, and then modify the IsActive flag and send back the full object data.

GET /d2l/api/lp/(D2LVERSION: version)/courses/(D2LID: orgUnitId)
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