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OurSQL is the MySQL driver for Python, more here. I fail with the connection, I doubt the problem to be with port or host -- more details here about environment vars, I am working with Ubuntu.

$ cat t.py 
import oursql
conn=oursql.connect(db='test', user='root', passwd='hello')
#, port=3306)
#, host='')
curs = conn.cursor(oursql.DictCursor)
curs = conn.cursor(try_plain_query=False)
a=curs.execute('SELECT * from test.pic')

$ cat test.sql 
select * from test.pic;

$ python t.py |wc
      1       1       5    
$ mysql test < test.sql |wc
      9      78     610


THIS LINE WRONG (above)????
conn=oursql.connect(db='test', user='root', passwd='hello')
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You can't simply print the result of curs.execute(...) in this way. You're supposed to use the fetchone(...) or fetchmany(...) or fetchall(...) methods of the cursor object to retrieve its results.

Also, as the API documentation points out, iterating over the cursor is equivalent to repeatedly calling fetchone(). So, your script could end with something like:

curs.execute('SELECT * from test.pic')

for row in curs:
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Thank you, got it working -- nice a=curs.fetchall(); print(a), +1. –  hhh May 17 '12 at 0:27

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