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i have 2 Activities, the end of Activity1 invokes the start of Activity2. In onDestroy() of Activty1 I do some shit that is importante for Activity2. Not good that Activity2's is onCreate() is called before onDestroy. What could I do?

thanks Nata

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Are you passing data to activity2? –  JakeWilson801 May 17 '12 at 0:34
Why would you want to do 'shit' that is important for Activity2 from Activity1, especially on onDestroy()? Why can't you move it before you create Activity2, or pass it to Activity2 to do the 'shit' important to itself? –  DumpHole May 17 '12 at 0:53

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Do what you need to in onPause() instead of onDestroy(). You have no control of when onDestroy() will happen, that is completely up to the system. Even if you call finish(), your Activity could hang around until the system needs resources.

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