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I have two questions:

1) Whats the corresponding dbpedia resource for

2) How could I find that information myself in future. I know for regular wiki articles, I just need to make an underscore string for the resource. I dont know how to do it for "Portals" as in the link above


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The general pattern to get the DBpedia URI for a Wikipedia URI is very simple: replace /wiki/ by /resource/ and by, except for English replace by

Examples: -> ->

(Note that the distinction between IRIs and URIs in RDF adds a little more complexity, but that's for a different question...)

DBpedia only generates URIs for some Wikipedia namespaces - currently only for the main article namespace and the Category: namespace, I think. URIs for Portal: and other namespaces occur only as targets of links (in files like page_links_en.nt). If such DBpedia URIs were extracted, they would look very similar to the others. In your example, the DBpedia URI would be

But would it make sense to have Linked Data URIs for Wikipedia portals? I don't know. It seems there is not much data to be extracted from these pages. And they don't seem to be a good match for Linked Data resource URIs. Such URIs usually represent a thing in the real world. Or maybe not so real, but still a thing...

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