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I have a SQL Server 2008 R2 database instance and some data collection scripts which collect data from various FTP, SFTP sources. Now I want to have another installation of this system, but I cannot get these FTP feeds in the new remote location. I am looking for a simplest way to have a real-time copy of this database on the new remote machine. I am aware i can come up with some scripts to do this , but I am particularly looking for a solution which will let me use some feature of SQL Server 2008 to this.

Simply put, what I need is a new database at location B which is always in sync (realtime) with database at location A. Does any feature of SQL Server lets me achieve this?


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You should read up on mirroring, replication, and log shipping. They are different technologies that achieve what you're after but they have some different aspects that you'll want to compare. –  Aaron Bertrand May 17 '12 at 2:52
I am currently looking into the avialable options for replication. We need real time replication - not bulk, but by each simple update on transaction db to reporting db. Which we hope reduces the burden on transactional db grately... –  bonCodigo Jun 10 at 1:58

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There are three features in sql server. 1.Replication 2.logshipping 3.Mirroring

  1. Replication:It replicates every transaction from server A to Server B .Its up to date data willbe available in B also.To read about replication.

  2. Logshipping: this is nothing but automating backup and restore but your B Server will be in standby mode you cant read the data.

  3. Refers here for Mirroring.

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