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I am developing a website using MyEclipse, and the running server is MyEclipse Tomcat. I want to add https access to my website. How can I achieve this?

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In your Tomcat directory you will find a conf directory, and inside that conf directory is a file called server.xml. Locate the following block of XML:

<Connector port=”8443″
    maxThreads=”150″ minSpareThreads=”25″ maxSpareThreads=”75″
    enableLookups=”true” disableUploadTimeout=”true”
    acceptCount=”100″ debug=”0″ scheme=”https” secure=”true”
    clientAuth=”false” sslProtocol=”TLS”
    keystorePass=”ttadmin” />

If it's commented out, just uncomment it. Your block may look slightly different, but the important thing is that it should have the port="8443" attribute, secure="true", and some other attributes related to SSL.

If you don't see this in your server.xml, simply look for a "Connector" XML element for port 8080 and add this one in below it.

For more reading, check out Setting Up SSL on Tomcat in 3 Easy Steps. There is more information in there than you probably need since you're just running this on localhost.

Finally, when you access your project, you'll use the following URLs:

http://localhost:8080   # Unsecure, plain HTTP

https://localhost:8443   # Secure HTTPS/SSL version

Note the differences in both the protocols (http/https) and the ports (8080/8443).

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