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I have a quantile regression that I'm running in the quantreg package of R as below:

read19 <- rq(comppercentile~q19*mothered+ethnicity+gender,tau=.5,data=medmodel)

q19 is quantitative and mothered is a 2 level factor.

Once I get a significant interaction between q19 and mothered, how do I get the effect of q19 at each level of mothered?

Thanks very much.

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Add -1 at the end of your formula:

read19 <- rq(comppercentile~q19*mothered+ethnicity+gender -1, tau=.5, data=medmodel)

With your current formula, you are getting an estimate for your base "mothered" level except it is labeled as "Intercept".

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Thanks, I've got it sorted now. –  SJB May 18 '12 at 0:38

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