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I just watched the Railscast on the Wicked gem used to create multi step wizards.

I was wondering if this gem could be used to create a wizard where data is passed forward somehow in the render_wizard call? Based on my initial tinkering, I do not believe that this is possible. The problem I hope to solve is to create a wizard where the first step takes a country and the second step allows the selection of people from that country.

Is there any easier way to solve this problem? Thanks for the help!

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Check out this thread: github.com/schneems/wicked/issues/5 –  theuri Jun 30 '12 at 4:14
Does the data need to be passed by the render_wizard call? The wiki now contains a sample of collecting all the models params in the session: github.com/schneems/wicked/wiki/… –  slothbear Apr 17 at 14:41

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You could employ a table-less ruby object. Serialize it to the session before each show step and load it up from the session (merging in any new params) before each update step.

before_filter :initialize_wizard, on: [:show, :update]


def initialize_wizard
  @wizard = YourWizardTempModel.new
  @wizard.update_attributes(session['wizard']) if session['wizard'].present?
  @wizard.update_attributes(params['wizard']) if params['wizard'].present?
  session['wizard'] = @wizard.as_json

Then you could have a conditional before_filter that assembled the people selection based on the country_id like such:

before_filter :populate_people, if: "step == 'select_people'"


def populate_people
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