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What other ways than NSUserDefaults are there to save and get back Custom Objects? For me, NSUserDefaults has become too much of a hassle (it's not saving correctly), so I'm looking for another way to save data that will work. (I've already posted my problems, and I really just want to look for other ways to save data)

EDIT: I also need to be able to save things like UIIMages and UIButtons.

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  1. You can save data as normal text file or plist file.
  2. You can use SQLLite to save data.

Other than this if you are using server driven application, then you can save your data on server and get back when you need that.

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How/Could you make that work with (for example) UIImages? – ManOx May 17 '12 at 4:54
@ManOx - images you can store in application bundle. – rishi May 17 '12 at 4:57
Thanks! also Jeffery Thomas's answer is good. – ManOx May 17 '12 at 18:06

UIImages should be saved by creating a PNG or JPEG representation, then writing that NSData block out as you see fit. See UIImagePNGRepresentation.

UIButtons should be serialized/deserialized using the NSCoding protocol. Archives can take care of this for you.

NSData and UIButtons both support NSCoding, so I would recommend archiving instead of NSUserDefaults. See NSCoding for the beginning of that rabbit hole.

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You cans use plist or coreData.As you used NSUserDefaults , that means data is quite small so plist will be a good idea.Both are apple's so quite effiecient .If data gets really large you can use sqlite.

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To store custom objects, you need to make sure your custom objects implemented NSCoding protocol. Here is Apple's doc on NSCoding. . If you need a tutorial on how to implement NSCoding protocol, check out this site. To save UIImage to a file, you can convert the image to NSData and then using NSData's writeToFile method to write to a file. There are numerous examples on how to do the last part on SO. Here is one.

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