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Good day all

Where can one fine good introductory material on design patterns in OOP using C++ ?

Specifically for the the following patterns:

  • Composite pattern
  • Observer pattern
  • Flyweight pattern
  • Serializer pattern
  • Monostate pattern
  • Command pattern

Any info, links to sites or books will be most appreciated.

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I guess there are many books and sources where you can find this information around, I'll point to you a couple of books that you can find in both paper and PDF formats around the net:

  1. "Design Patterns, by the “Gang of Four” (Addison-Wesley,1994). The definitive guide to patterns. It has examples in both C++ and Smalltalk, although it can be a bit diffuclt to follow.

  2. "Design Patterns for dummies", by Steve Holdner (Willey Publisinh Inc., 2006) This book is a lot simpler and easier to understunf/follow. From a Computer Science point of view it might be a bit "weak" or informal, but I'm sure that you can start by understunding a given design pattern through this book and get a more detailed/formal information with the GoF publication.

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Thanks Ignacio the Design Patterns for dummies looks especially promising as introductory material. –  georgelappies May 17 '12 at 5:41

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