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my graduation is close and I am supposed to come up with a good idea for my graduation project so I though of developing a Uml tool from scratch, I know that it's a lot of work but I honestly don't want to graduate with simple projects like the rest of the students.

I wont complex the project a lot it will be based on : Use case diagram Class diagram Sequence diagram State diagram Activity diagram

The rest will be future work

Do you think that this is a good idea ? I have one and a half year to finish this

Is there any books,tutorials,documentations etc which i can lay my hands on for further reading which can help me to achieve my project ?

Thank you very much.

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Li Thank you for your comment I will insure that I provide what stackoverflw demands in the future :) Consider this as an introduction to the upcoming code problems :) –  ahmad muraish May 17 '12 at 5:56
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You're right - it is a lot of work... ... and it might actually make an excellent project.

Take a look at one of the "best" open source projects, ArgoUML:

Discuss with your academic advisor:

  • Whether a UML tool might be a good fit for your program

  • Whether you need to do "your own" project (completely independent of ArgoUML, or anything else)

  • Or whether you might be able to contribute to ArgoUML - and still get academic credit for participating

Just a thought ..

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Paulsm4 Thank you very much for sharing I will discuss further more with my instructor and share laters Thank you :) –  ahmad muraish May 17 '12 at 5:58
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