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i have a problem that, I am sharing image through URI in metro app, and my target app shows share image but i want to save that image in localfolder of disk. please help me

here is my share source code

void DataRequested(DataTransferManager sender, DataRequestedEventArgs e)
    e.Request.Data.Properties.Title = this.dataPackageTitle;
//    e.Request.Data.Properties.Description = this.dataPackageDescription;
    if (this.dataPackageThumbnail != null)
        e.Request.Data.Properties.Thumbnail = this.dataPackageThumbnail;
// Share Image Through URI       
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Look at this sample. It's in JavaScript, but the technique should be the same. Basically, you call HttpClient (instead of XHR as in this sample) to get the image, then use Windows.Storage.KnownFolders.picturesLibrary.createFileAsync to write it out.

Look at this sample for how to use HttpClient for downloading.

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You can download the image from internet through url; but not from local drive. You can just share images from local to local folder by Bitmap.

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