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I have added an anchor tag in a Panel as

        xtype: 'component',
        autoEl: {
            tag: 'a',
            href: 'javascript: _addTab(\'' + appName + '\', \''+ formName + '\')',
            html: formName,
            style: 'position:absolute;left:'+left+';top:'+top

I added many tags like this by changing left and top variables.

Now I want to change the style of every tag.

I used

        item.autoEl.style = 'position:absolute;left:'+left+';top:'+top;

But I think we can't just assign the value and expect it to be reflected. Please tell me how to change the value of the style property. I didn't find any setStyle function too.

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autoEl is only used for creation.

item.el.dom.style = 'position:absolute;left:'+left+';top:'+top;
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Even this is not working –  Shashwat May 17 '12 at 9:29
item.el.applyStyles('position:absolute;left:'+left+';top:'+top); is working –  Shashwat May 17 '12 at 9:44
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This works fine

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