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How do i Wrap a table in a div?

I'm using $("table").each(function() to locate the tables i then need to enclose it in a div this is a snippet of my code tNum is just a sequential number to give the div a unique id

     var strToAppend = "<div>Blah Blah</div>
       return "<div class = 'tabDiv'  id='tabDiv' + tNum +">" + $(this) + "</div>" +   strToAppend;

this crates [object Object] before the table but no strToAppend

[object Object] is seen in the web page What am i doing wrong?

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It seems that your aims could be achieved with the following, which perhaps looks more complex than your append a string, but is still quite simple:

        var that = $(this),
            tabDiv = $('<div />',
                       {'class' : 'tabDiv',
                        'id' : 'tabDiv' + i}),
            newDiv = $('<div />').text('some text in a div element');

JS Fiddle demo.


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$('#yourtableid').wrap('<div class="tabDiv">'); 
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  var strToAppend = "<div>Blah Blah</div>";  


    $(this).wrap('<div class="wrapper_div" />');

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Thanx managed to get it working using append not prepend –  Holly May 17 '12 at 17:30

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