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is there any nice way to split an string after " " or . ?


$string = "test.test" result = test

$string = "test doe" result = test

Sure i can use explode two times, but I am sure thats not the best solutions ;)

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If you want to split on several different chars, take a look at preg_split

//split string on space or period:
$split=preg_split('/[ \.]/', $string);
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eek, well spotted –  Paul Dixon Jun 30 '09 at 11:13
works fine, thanks a lot –  ArneRie Jun 30 '09 at 11:23

There's string token strtok.

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You want the strtok function. The manual gives this example:

$string = "This is\tan example\nstring";
/* Use tab and newline as tokenizing characters as well  */
$tok = strtok($string, " \n\t");

while ($tok !== false) {
    echo "Word=$tok<br />";
    $tok = strtok(" \n\t");

Though in your case I suspect that using explode twice is easier and looks better.

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You could do a strtr of . into space and then explode by space. Since strtr is very fast.

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