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I am using a simple repository pattern and have objects with a LazyList such as:

public class Promotion
    public int Id { get; set; }
    public string Name { get; set;}
    public LazyList<Site> TargetSites { get; internal set; } // implemented as a LazyList

This works great for getting the items but I'm wondering what is usual to do for saving the items?

To persist a promotion I then need to save the list of TargetSites only if they were loaded in the first place. Is this the usual pattern with lazy loaded items? I can find lots of info on lazy loading but very little on persisting the resulting modifications to the lazy loaded objects.

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As long as the relationship exists in your data model a call to context.SubmitChanges should save the parent object as well as the child objects if they are loaded and have changed. That's the beauty of L2S (and other orms).

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