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I'm a nube with asp.net. This is what I'm trying to achieve. I want to write the following XML data into a single table in a sql server database.

- <RaceDay RaceDayDate="2012-05-16T00:00:00" Year="2012" Month="5" Day="16" DayOfTheWeek="Wednesday" MonthLong="May" IsCurrentDay="1" IsPresaleMeeting="0" ServerTime="2012-05-16T16:47:30.033">
- <Race RaceNo="7" RaceTime="2012-05-16T16:36:00" CloseTime="2012-05-16T16:40:08.107" RaceName="F&M BM 70 HANDICAP" Distance="1200" SubFav="1" RaceDisplayStatus="PAYING" WeatherChanged="N" WeatherCond="1" WeatherDesc="Fine" TrackChanged="N" TrackCond="1" TrackDesc="Good" TrackRating="3" TrackRatingChanged="N">
- <TipsterTip TipsterId="0" Tips="1">
  <Tipster TipsterName="LATE MAIL" /> 
- <TipsterTip TipsterId="1" Tips="8-5-3-7">
  <Tipster TipsterName="RADIO TAB" /> 
- <TipsterTip TipsterId="2" Tips="1-10-9-2">
  <Tipster TipsterName="KEVIN CASEY" /> 
- <Pool PoolType="EX" Available="Y" Abandoned="N" PoolDisplayStatus="PAYING" PoolTotal="3734.00" JPotInGross="0.00" JPotOutGross="0.00" LastCalcTime="2012-05-16T16:36:57" CalcTime="2012-05-16T16:41:31" StatDiv="0">
- <Dividend DivId="62406790" DivAmount="80.8000">
  <DivResult LegNo="1" RunnerNo="7" /> 
  <DivResult LegNo="2" RunnerNo="5" /> 
- <Pool PoolType="F4" Available="Y" Abandoned="N" PoolDisplayStatus="PAYING" PoolTotal="3492.00" JPotInGross="0.00" JPotOutGross="1397.16" LastCalcTime="2012-05-16T16:36:57" CalcTime="2012-05-16T16:41:31" StatDiv="0">
- <Dividend DivId="62406797" DivAmount="10828.0000">
  <DivResult LegNo="1" RunnerNo="7" /> 
  <DivResult LegNo="2" RunnerNo="5" /> 
  <DivResult LegNo="3" RunnerNo="13" /> 
  <DivResult LegNo="4" RunnerNo="1" /> 
- <Pool PoolType="QN" Available="Y" Abandoned="N" PoolDisplayStatus="PAYING" PoolTotal="7029.00" JPotInGross="0.00" JPotOutGross="0.00" LastCalcTime="2012-05-16T16:36:57" CalcTime="2012-05-16T16:41:31" StatDiv="0">
- <Dividend DivId="62406785" DivAmount="68.5000">
  <DivResult LegNo="1" RunnerNo="5" /> 
  <DivResult LegNo="2" RunnerNo="7" /> 

Can someone please show me how to read in my xml file and flatten out the data and insert it into a suitable table in the sql database. Thanks in advance.

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What you have done ?? –  huMpty duMpty May 17 '12 at 8:07

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Search in web, there are lots of article described about your requirement. Try this one:

Best way to load XML files to SQL Server using C#


Importing Large Xml Files to SQL Server Using SqlBulkCopy

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